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Are your pipes ruptured due to the cold and thawing? Let Busy Bee Septic and Excavating LLC handle your burst pipe repairs. We proudly serve Orange county, New York, and nearby communities.

Along with our burst pipe repair, we also offer the following septic services:

We are your reliable septic professionals in Orange county, New York. We get the job done fast when it comes to emergency situations like these. Our customer service and experience are what sets us apart from our fellow septic providers.

Reliable Burst Pipe Services You Can Trust

We understand that emergency situations like burst pipes know no time and place. That’s why we guarantee to have your problem solved no matter the time of day.

Our professional technicians can deliver the results you need. We have the right equipment and tools for all our septic and plumbing services.

We have over 50 years of professional experience in the industry. That means we’re more than qualified to handle any septic or plumbing job you need.

The Causes of Burst Pipes

As a homeowner, you know the consequences of burst pipes to your household:

Higher water bills

Property damage

Mold growth

When you understand the cause of your burst pipes, you can take the necessary steps to prevent it.
One of the typical causes of burst pipes is the winter season. When the water freezes, it expands inside your pipes. The results are bursting pipes, which are not suitable for your home.

Ruptured pipes can also be due to wear and tear or deterioration with age. Other factors include soil settlement, the settlement of your home’s foundation, and invasive tree roots.

How to Avoid Burst Pipes

While you may not completely prevent your pipes from bursting, you can minimize the chance of experiencing it.

Here are some specific measures you can do.


You can wrap your outdoor pipes to protect them during freezing weather. You can also allow your faucets to drip until the temperature rises above the freezing mark.


If you are living in an old house, call us for a detailed plumbing inspection. We will provide you a complete report to alert you of any potential problems. We will also give you detailed information about the condition of your pipes.


When your pipes are deteriorating, replacing them can prevent major leaks. We recommend avoiding planting trees near your sewer lines to keep tree roots away from your pipes.

What We Offer

Even if you follow all these tips, problems can still develop. When you are in the middle of a burst pipe emergency, call us for help.

We guarantee to arrive at your home as soon as possible. Our team will pinpoint the location of the leak and provide the necessary repairs. We will also give you more information about the best repair process for your property.

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We are your certified septic and plumbing professionals. We’re always on the front lines of maintaining the safety of your property.

Call us now at (845) 294-5771 for burst pipe solutions. Busy Bee Septic and Excavating LLC guarantees to leave your plumbing system in better condition. We serve the city of Orange county, New York.

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