Septic Systems

A septic system is a vital component of your entire plumbing system. It is a small-scale onsite wastewater treatment plant that processes household waste.

The contents of your septic tank consists of black water and grey water components. The septic system holds the wastewater long enough to allow solids to settle to the bottom of the tank. This part will be sludge. Meanwhile, the oil and grease will float to the top of the tank, known as scum. Your septic tank will prevent the sludge and scum from leaving the tank and traveling into your drain field.

When your property relies on a septic system, regular upkeep is a must. If you need professional septic services around Orange County, New York, we are here to help. Busy Bee Septic and Excavating LLC is your local septic service provider in the area.

Septic Tank Pumping

The primary purpose of a septic system is to treat household waste. Your septic system separates the solid from the liquid parts. The solid components stay within the tank. In contrast, the liquid parts float.

Your septic system needs to be safe and functional because of the nature of the materials it holds. If your septic system is well-maintained, it shouldn't smell at all. However, if the system is full, it can lead to bigger problems. Your septic system can smell awful and cause some issues. Sludge and scum buildup can also happen over time. A full septic system can create clogs in your plumbing system.

We strongly suggest septic tank pumping every 2-3 years based on usage. Contact our team today to get a septic tank pumping in Orange County, New York. When you keep your property safe, you also keep your family members healthy.

Septic System Installation

Your septic tank is a vital component of your septic system. It eliminates wastewater from your home or business’ property. When the wastewater leaves the system, it travels to your septic tank. The wastewater stays here until the solids settle to the bottom.

Meanwhile, the lighter wastes such as oil and grease travel to the top. Between these layers, a clarified liquid flows through an outlet pipe to your drain field.

Are you planning to install a new septic tank on your property? Let Busy Bee Septic and Excavating LLC help you. We have 50 years of combined experience in handling septic tank installation of any size. We are serving Orange County, New York, and the surrounding areas.

Septic Inspections

A septic tank is an integral part of the entire plumbing system. Whatever type of property you have, a septic tank inspection is a must. Busy Bee Septic and Excavating LLC makes the inspection process easier through our professional service. When you neglect your septic tank needs, it can have serious consequences. So, why take the risk when we can provide a professional and affordable septic inspection? Our septic team can pinpoint possible issues before they become bigger problems. We can perform a detailed and thorough inspection regardless of the type, condition, and location of the tank. We are always ready to answer any question that you may have regarding your tank. So, when you want to avoid a disaster, choose our septic system inspection service.

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