Sewer Line Repair

We treat sewer line issues seriously. The repair must be done immediately so that nothing worse can come of it.

We do more than a simple drain unclogging. Our team will conduct a full inspection before we leave. We ensure that no damage is done to your sewer lines.

We highly suggest not to repair your sewer lines yourself. You might not know the extent of the damage. Furthermore, if you accidentally create a hole in the line, sewer water damage can occur. It is best to leave the job to our professionals to ensure proper handling. The primary purpose of a sewer line is to take the sewage waste inside your home and move it to a different area. When your sewer line gets clogged, it can lead to serious problems. Let Busy Bee Septic and Excavating LLC handle your sewer line repair needs. We proudly serve Orange County, New York, and nearby communities.

Sewer Line Installation

Most of the time, a good sewer line goes unnoticed. You don’t even know it exists. That’s how efficient it is. However, when something goes wrong, you start to realize the importance of your sewer line. You need a sewer installation if your current property doesn’t have one. Sewer installation is also required if there have been recurring problems to your sewer lines.

Once the problems pile up, we recommend a new sewer line installation rather than continuing to do the repairs. Recurring repairs can get expensive and time-consuming for you.

Busy Bee Septic and Excavating LLC is your top choice for sewer line installation. We have well-trained and experienced technicians to provide fast service. We offer an effective sewer line installation that will save you money in the long run.

Pipe Bursting

With older technology, repairing a broken sewer line meant a week of digging, excavation, laying a new pipe, and repairing the damage left by the excavation. Pipe bursting makes it possible to place new higher-quality pipes without the need for messy excavation.

This process involves running a cone-shaped bursting head through the old damaged pipe. The bursting head breaks apart the old pipe and pulls the new one into place at the same time.

Pipe bursting is a relatively new method of sewer line replacement and it has become an increasingly popular one due to several reasons. Since it does not require any major digging or excavation, this method is convenient. It also takes less time and costs less money compared with other sewer repair services.

Point Repair

Sometimes your sewer issues are only located in a small section of the entire length of your sewer line. If this is the case, a point repair is the best solution.

Generally, point repairs are four feet in length and are made of a fiberglass mesh. Once installed, it restores the structural integrity of the pipe and eliminates root intrusion. Point repairs take only a day to complete and leave you with a problem-free sewer system for the years to come.

Our specialist will perform a detailed inspection to determine if your damaged pipe can be repaired through point repairs. We use a sewer video camera to inspect the area. When the damage is isolated to one section of the pipe, point repair can be used.

Pipe Lining

Does your property have constant backups? Perhaps a history of pinhole leaks? Whether your sewer problems are inside or outside of your property, there are ways of solving these issues without the need of re-piping.

Pipe lining is a non-destructive method that’s not just a temporary plumbing solution. The best pipe lining product will create a structural epoxy pipe that adheres to the inside of the damaged pipe. This technology avoids the damage to structures, floors, interior walls, sidewalks, streets, and landscaping that several traditional methods cause.

The experts from Busy Bee Septic and Excavating LLC perform our services with the utmost care and professionalism. When it comes to pipe lining, we follow a proven process, ensuring excellent and lasting results. Reach out to us today to know more about our pipe lining services.

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