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In less than one hour, you can drive from New York City and arrive in a part of the Hudson Valley region that has great shopping, American historic sites, parks with amazing views of the Hudson River and the Ramapo Mountains, and delicious local cuisine.

The history of Rockland County began centuries ago, with the Native Americans who first settled here. Since then, it has welcomed settlers from around the world who infuse this region with multicultural influences in art, cuisine, language, and religion.

Take a walk through our small towns, like Haverstraw, Nyack, Pearl River, Piermont, Spring Valley, and stop to shop or dine. Or try these uniquely Rockland County experiences:

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(845) 294-5771

{Our business|Busy Bee Septic} is founded {on|based on|upon} the principles of {honesty, integrity, and professionalism|honesty, professionalism, and integrity|integrity, honesty, and professionalism}. {We leave no job undone|We leave no job unfinished|No job is ever left unfinished}. We {see to it|assure you} that we give all {our|of our} clients the {best|highest} quality of service they {deserve|deserve to receive}.

We {know|realize|understand} that your {septic|septic system} {concerns|problems|repairs} can’t wait. {That’s|This is} why Busy Bee Septic and Excavating LLC {offers|provides} {emergency|24 hour} services. We {have|staff} {well-trained|highly trained} {septic|septic system} {professionals|specialists} {to|who} respond quickly to your {septic service|septic system} needs. We make sure that your septic {job|system|repair} is {finished|completed} on time.

There are {a lot of|many|a variety of} ways to {care for|maintain} your {septic tank system|septic system} properly. The {best|most efficient} way to do it is through {a regular|regular|properly timed} septic tank {pumping|pumping and maintenance}. With {our help|the help of Busy Bee Septic}, your {septic tank|system|septic system} can last for many years {if|when its|when it is} properly maintained.

{Septic tank pumping|Pumping your septic tank} also benefits your system in {many|multiple|a variety of} ways.

{Helps prevent sludge|First, it helps prevent sludge|First off, it helps prevent sludge}

As {the years go by|the years pass|the years fly by}, solid {wastes build up|waste builds up} {in|inside|inside of} your septic {tank|system}. While {your septic tank|septic tanks} can handle a {certain|small|reasonable} amount of {waste|solid waste}, it can also {reach its full capacity|reach the full capacity and cause problems|fill the tank completely over time}. {Septic tank pumping|Pumping your septic tank|Routinely pumping your septic tank} helps to {get rid of the sludge from your tank|rid your tank of the solid waste and sludge|rid your tank of sludge}, {so you never go beyond|keeping you below|keeping it below} the {recommended capacity|capacity that is recommended}.

{Checks|Helps check} the overall health of your septic system

The {only|best} way to {check if all|confirm all} the components of your {system|septic system} are working is through {inspection|periodic inspections}. {This procedure|An inspection} is {recommended|highly recommended} to {give you|give you an overview of|provide you a view of} the overall {health status|health and condition} of your septic {tank|system}. {Inspections|An inspection will} {provide you with|give you} a clear {picture|overview} of your {system|septic system} components. {It is also|Its also|It can also be} used for {checking|confirming} the proper {usage and any potential wear and tear|usage, maintenance requirements, and any potential wear and tear}.

{Protects|Helps protect} your septic tank system

{Another|An additional} {benefit|advantage|positive} is that you can {discover|locate|find} any {early|early warning} signs of cracks {or damage|or other damage} that you {can|may be able to|could possibly} prevent. {In this way, you can save|This can result in you saving} a lot more while {you maximize|also maximizing} the {usage|life} of your septic {tank|system|tank system}. {Septic tank pumping|Septic system pumping|Pumping your septic system} is {the best method|one of the best methods|one of the best ways} to {make sure|help ensure} that your septic {tank system|system} is {working correctly|working properly|functioning properly}.

{Increases|Improves|Raises} the {overall effectiveness|effectiveness} of the septic system

This will not only {make your septic system last longer|increase your septic system life|improve your septic system lifespan}, but it will also help {its general ability to perform well|improve its general performance|improve the system’s overall performance}. {If|After|When} you have {the|your} septic tank pumped, it {allows|provides} the {tank|septic tank} and absorption area time to dry out.

{Extends|Helps Extend} {the life of your septic tank system|your septic system’s life}

{With proper septic tank pumping, we|Proper septic tank pumping helps to} guarantee that your {septic|septic tank} system will {work|last|function} for {more years|many years}. With {appropriate|proper} removal of {the solids from the wastewater|the wastewater solide|the waste water solids} regularly, {you protect|it will help protect} the {soil absorption|absorption} area from {becoming|being} clogged.

{We are your partner in|You can count on us for} all your septic {tank|system} needs!

{Whatever|Anything|Any part or service} you need for your septic tank, we will {make sure|be sure|be certain} to provide it. For {pumping|septic pumping} services, we {recommend|strongly recommend} that you have your septic tank {pumping performed|pumped} {every|approximately every} 3 to 5 years. We also suggest that you {put|utilize} enzymes once {a|per} month to {maintain|help maintain} the natural {level|levels} of bacteria {in|within|inside of} your septic tank. {These|The} enzymes will {aid in the faster|also speed up the} decomposition {of the|of} solid wastes in the {tank|septic tank}.

{We have|Busy Bee Septic has} been {operating|doing business} for many years now. It {proves|shows} that we have the {right|proper} experience {for the job|to get the job done}. We have worked and {{fixed|repaired} many kinds of septic tank issues|completed many types of septic {tank|system} repairs}, {that|this} is why {we are|we’re so} confident that we can {handle|quickly handle} all your concerns.

We {have|provide} the best rates in the [city] {industry|area}.

While we provide {septic tank|septic system|high quality septic tank} services to our clients, we also make sure that we {give|provide} {the best rates|competitive rates|the best prices}. Our {pricing scheme|price schedule|pricing format} {works for|suits} all kinds of {budget|budgets}, so there is no {need|reason} to worry. {We are|Busy Bee Septic and Excavating is} committed to providing you an {effective and efficient|efficient and effective} {septic tank|septic system} solution that {suits|fits} your budget.

We are {equipped|well equipped} with state-of-the-art {facilities and equipment|equipment and facilities}.

{Busy Bee Septic invests|We invest} in {innovation and technology|technology and innovation|innovative new technology}. {That is|This is} why we {continue to|continuously} {improve|make improvements to} our services by {making sure that|ensuring} we have the best {fleet|equipped fleet} {with us|on site with us}. All {our|of our} trucks are {well-maintained|well maintained} to {see to it that they are working correctly|make sure they are functioning properly}.

We {offer|provide} 24/7 emergency services.

Septic {tank|system} {failures|issues|malfunctions} can {happen|occur} at any time of the day. {That|This|Which} is why we are always {on standby|on call|ready to help} whenever you {need us|are in need}. We are available 24 {hours|hrs} {a|per} day, seven days a week – {weekends and holidays included|including weekends and holidays}. {Just|Simply} give us a call, and we {will|can} be there {right away|as soon as possible|asap}.

Call {Us|Busy Bee Septic and Excavating LLC} Today!

Our {septic|septic system} {technicians|specialists} provide {septic|septic tank|septic system} {services|repairs} for {all properties|any property} in {[city],|the county of [city]} [state]. We {service|cater to|provide services to both} residential and commercial establishments.

Call us {now at|today at} {(845) 294-5771|845-294-5771} to {learn more|inquire} about the services we {offer|provide}. Let {our|the} team at Busy Bee Septic and {Excavating|Excavating,} LLC {attend to your|provide all your} {septic|septic system} needs!

What Do Our Clients Say?

“Best around hands down. I called many places and the service I received was flat out amazing. They fit me in – on the coldest day of the year and did amazing work on my septic. Do not use anyone else but these guys! They were referred to me by my builder Al Fini and so glad I listened. Message me personally if you have any questions! Ps – Brittany is also the friendliest- most polite person to deal with! This company rocks !”
Justin B
Justin BFacebook Reviews
“Vinny is the best around. He came to save the day at our new home twice. Once was late on a Sunday night and he stayed for hours until the job was done. He gave us a thorough breakdown of issues and offered honest advice to get back up and running. His knowledge and patience is like no other. Thank you again”
BAILEY R.Facebook Reviews
“Busy Bee is so fantastic! They came the same day I called and Jeremy and Jason were efficient, kind, and very thorough!! They saved us from a disaster situation. Would recommend to anyone who needs help with what they do”
ALEX K.Facebook Reviews
“I recommend Busy Bee with the highest regard! I called Vinny late last night frantically, having a blockage in the sewer line. Not only did he get back to me promptly, but he spent time with me on the phone, putting me at ease, and made sure to have someone here first thing this morning. His technician Dwayne arrived, bright and early, and he was AMAZING!! Knowledgeable, personable, and patient. He clearly took pride in his work, carefully assessing and resolving the issue while explaining everything to me every step of the way. I could not be happier with the service today, and recommend this company with the highest regard! It is fabulous to see such an honest, fair and professional company exists in this industry! Thank you, Busy Bee!”
STEPHANIE B.Google Reviews
“These guys are amazing! The owner went above and beyond to make sure I had my septic fixed today. I called several companies and was only able to speak with Vinnie, because he answered his phone! no voicemail and then waiting forever for someone to get back to me. He was booked solidly but still found a way to get someone here and get me up and running! I am sure his price beat anyone elses! I would highly recommend this company!”
PHELICE M.Google Reviews
“I’ve had so many different companies at my home , some even came more than twice and really didn’t solve my problems . BUSY BEE did , I’m so glad that Busy Bee is the only company that I can really Recommend . Thank you Busy Bee”
ALEXANDER N.Google Reviews
“We had an issue with the septic backing up. We called Busy Bee, they called back 10 mins later , arrived within 2 hours and Vinny & assistant resolved the problem in 30 mins. Very satisfied and Highly recommended!”
LISA W.Google Reviews
“I am super pleased with Busy Bee as they offer great service and their employees are all great. Also Vinne and Jeremy are great guys as well. I recommend them 100%. Thanks to all at Busy Bee. Well done Job. ”
JACQUELINE A.Google Reviews


With restaurants and shops galore, the Rockland County spot is the ideal destination for a Hudson Valley day trip and a reprieve from busy city life.

Nyack is a charming waterfront town in Rockland County just over the Mario Cuomo Bridge from Westchester County. Because Nyack is only 19 miles north of the Manhattan border, it’s the ideal destination for a day trip and a reprieve from the busy city life. Nyack gives visitors that small town feeling with an abundance of local businesses and is rich in history. This quiet town offers something for everyone; in just one day, adventurers can get their dose of nature, artisan shops, art, and adventure.


Rockland County is located on the west side of the Hudson River in New York—just a 45-minute drive away from New York City. For most people, the city is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about New York. However, Rockland County has so much to offer, from delicious restaurants to unique shops to amazing nature scenes. Rockland can be everyone’s playground! Be sure to get some rest the night before because the next 24 hours of your life will be filled with adventure.

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