Understanding The Basics Of Catch Basin: Maintenance & More

A catch basin is an important part of your drainage system. It is a rectangular, circular, or any other shape holding tank that catches stormwater runoff, debris, and other materials before they can enter the sewer system; it also helps to prevent flooding. With the proper care and maintenance, catch basins can stay in good working condition and last for many years.

There are many reasons why giving it the proper care is crucial, which is why this blog post will go over some of the basics of catch basin cleaning and maintenance. Keep reading!


How To Properly Apply The Catch Basin Cleaning Process?

Catch basins are often overlooked and can lead to flooding and foundation damage, costing you big money over time. Regular catch basin cleaning makes some tasks easier, such as catch basin cleanings during certain times of the year when rain is expected and preventing overflowing gutters caused by excessive rainfall.

One way to keep them in good condition is to use a street sweeper to catch debris in the bottom of gutters and downspouts. Nowadays, machines are designed to improve the process and reduce the time spent cleaning them.

To clean a catch basin:

  1. Get all of your tools ready.
  2. Clean out the grate fronting it on your property.
  3. Then carefully lift any lids or tops and remove as much debris as possible before scooping everything into a trash can.
  4. Next, dig around with whatever tool suits best, a crowbar if possible, removing compacted soil until no more signs pointing towards its presence are found.
  5. Once this has been accomplished, two things remain: ensuring drainage outlets are at least 6″ below ground level.


How To Apply The Proper Catch Basin Maintenance?

Catch basin maintenance is done by using a capturing device of sedimentation and debris. Also, operators must be trained and known to keep track of and collect data on an ongoing basis to ensure everything is being taken care of.

Cleaning your catch basin once or twice a year will help keep it performing at its best. Maintenance can improve performance, particularly in industrial areas with more sediment to handle than in residential ones. When it reaches 60%, it might be unable to pick up more dirt from outside sources. It’s recommended to keep an eye on them during heavy wheaters to avoid overflow.


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