The Ultimate Guide To Take Care Of Your Grease Trap System

When you’re investing in a new project, there’s nothing better than being aware of every single detail, such as how much you need to invest, the risks, and even thinking about maintenance of your features and devices in case you’re using them for a long time. It does apply to restaurants, and when it comes to keeping high-quality standards and offering exquisite service to your customers, you need to keep everything in top condition.

A grease trap is a crucial part of your grease management system, and it’s very important to take care of it. Whether you’re starting a new business or a current restaurant owner, in this article, we’re going to show you when is the right time for a grease trap replacement and how regular maintenance makes the difference in its longevity and efficiency. Keep reading!


When Should Consider A Grease Trap Replacement?

Some signs will let you know when it’s time for a grease trap replacement, such as:

Clogged Pipes

The grease trap will start spilling grease onto its secondary compartment when it is full. Eventually, clogged pipes and restricted wastewater flow through your home’s plumbing system.

Frequent Need for Pumping

Grease traps are designed to last about three months before they require cleaning, but if it’s been more than six weeks since this was done, there’s probably something wrong with the system.

You’re Noticing Leakage

When the wrong type of waste starts filling up in your grease trap, it can cause an unpleasant odor and even lead to fines or lawsuits. Make sure you pump out all liquids from cooking before pumping new ones into their place.

Continuous Overflows.

Grease traps are essential for catching the fat and oils that run off our plates when we cook. When they’re overflowing, it means something is wrong with the system.

Foul Odors

When food particles or other organic solids settle at the bottom of your tank, they emit sulfur-containing gasses that can cause a foul smell inside. If you notice this, it’s time to replace your grease trap.


How Regular Maintenance Makes A Difference?

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your grease interceptor in top condition. By keeping it in top condition, it will have a longer lifespan, and it will also be more efficient. Also, it will keep your restaurant’s grease management system running smoothly and save you money in the long run.


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