How to Keep the Septic System in Tip-Top Shape?

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Homeowners should remember that whatever they put into their septic system dramatically affects their ability to do their job. The septic system contains living organisms that digest and treat waste.

As a rule, do not dispose of anything in your septic system that can be put in the trash. The septic system is not designed to be a trash can. The more solid wastes that go into the tank, the more frequently the tank needs to be pumped.

Always see to it that the septic tank is in good condition. This will save money on expensive septic tank replacements in the future.

By educating homeowners about proper septic system maintenance, it can save a lot of money and headaches. It can also prolong the life of the septic system and the health of the family members.

Septic System Dos and Don’ts

Septic Tank System Dos

Do perform regular maintenance on your septic system

Regular maintenance means inspection and pumps out. This is done to prevent the septic tank system from breaking down. This will also protect the homeowner’s investment in their septic tank system.

Check the condition of the septic system, and access covers regularly. Unsecured or unsafe lids can be hazardous to children or pets. Falling into a septic tank can be fatal as well.

Do buy high-efficiency appliances

The more water is wasted, the more water will enter the septic system. This can cause damage to the septic system and potential drain field flooding.

The best way to prevent wasting water is to use high-efficiency appliances. Look for energy-saving ones which use 50% less water than other typical appliances.

Do keep your maintenance reports and records

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to keep all the maintenance records and inspection reports of the septic system intact. Check the inspection reports generated by your septic service provider.

The inspection should include detailed reports on potential or existing leaks, as well as slum levels. If there is damage to the system, hire an experienced maintenance specialist right away.

Do conserve water and fix leaks quickly

Homeowners should install highly efficient appliances, like washers and low-flow toilets. These can extend the life of their septic system. If the household has a high water use, talk to a professional about proper system management.

Do divert other water sources away from the septic system

Water sources like roof drain, house footing drains, and sump pumps should be diverted away from the septic system. These should not flow into the system or onto the ground over the system. Excessive water can lead to back-ups and premature system failure.

Septic Tank System Don’ts

Don’t flush anything down the toilet except toilet papers

Avoid flushing items down the toilet that isn’t toilet paper; even these items are described as “flushable.” This will prevent breaking down the septic system. Avoid flushing items like cooking grease or oil, dental floss, diapers, coffee grounds, cigarette butts, and many other non-flushable objects.

Don’t hire a septic system contractor who is not qualified

The septic tank system is a precious investment. Never let anyone who is not qualified perform works on it. Homeowners should always check the portfolio of their prospective septic system providers, including documents, insurance, and bonds, to know whether they are qualified or not.

Don’t waste the water

This is the easiest way to keep the septic system in good condition. Other ways to avoid wasting water include investing in Energy Star appliances, repairing running toilets and sinks, and fixing leaking faucets.

Don’t pour chemicals down the drain

Avoid pouring any chemicals, grease, and toxic liquids at the kitchen sink or bathroom shower. This might cause damage to the septic tank system.

Don’t put the rainwater systems near the drain field

The drain field is an integral part of the septic system. Homeowners should keep things off and away from the drain field area.

Excess rainwater from a drainage system can cause water to accumulate near the drain field. As a result, this can slow down the treatment process of the septic tank system.

Don’t plant deep-rooted plants near the drain field area

Roots from trees or shrubs can clog and damage the drain pipes—instead, plant grass or flowers near the drain field. However, do not fertilize, water, or burn them.

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