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Few people are familiar with hydro excavation since it is a new technique. Nevertheless, this doesn’t make it any less important; hydro excavation is slowly but surely taking over the traditional excavation methods, as it is more efficient and doesn’t cause as much damage.

So, what is hydro excavation? It is a process of excavating using pressurized water. This process, also known as hydro-vac, is a very effective way of excavating, especially in delicate situations. But how hydrovac work? And what are its benefits and applications? Well, in this blog post, we’ll cover these basics. Continue reading!


How Hydrovac Works

Hydrovac operators first use high-pressure water wands to cut through the soil and soften it. They then suction all of that mud slurry into their tanks for easy transport on excavation trucks, where crews can uncover deeper layers with existing underground facility networks below them while releasing what’s left over the back onto the freshly covered ground again, so everything is sealed up tight.

Hydro vac excavations come in many different varieties to suit your needs. There’s the option of using them during full project endeavors or for daylighting, which is uncovering small patches underground located around utilities that need locating.


Benefits Of Hydrovac

Low Risk Of Injury Or Damage

Jetters are a safe and efficient way to remove weeds from your lawn, gardens, or any other area that needs attention. The water pressure is enough to soften the soil. Hence, it’s easy digging without the risk of damaging anything else around you.

It Provides Precision

Operators use a handheld pressurized wand to direct the stream of water that cuts through and softens the soil. This is done with little disruption, as professionals can maneuver around tight quarters using these tools in remote locations near obstacles like streetlights or utility systems for power cables close by.

It Helps Meet Or Exceed Deadlines

Hydrovac excavation is a cost-effective and efficient way to remove soil. It can be done quickly, without disruption or damage on the site; this makes it perfect for construction projects that need their deadlines met.


Hydrovac Applications

There are many uses for hydrovac systems, including construction, repairs, rehabilitation, and inspections. More specifically:

  • Power line installations
  • Debris removal
  • The process of installing a pole
  • Sewer inspections, repairs, and rehabilitation
  • Daylighting
  • And others!


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